Me to Visa

Hello Visa,
My Name is Ilya Gazman, and I made an invention that I think you will like.
It’s a new cryptocurrency technology that allows you, the mighty Visa company, to make transactions on behalf of your users.
Actually, you already do that, and you are the best too! What you don’t have and this is the magic of my invention, is the backup of the blockchain!
Here how it works. In the world of Confidence-Coin, each user have a private wallet that he can entrust to a trusted party, like you! Whenever a user makes a transaction, he is actually using Visa, his favorite credit card.
So far we are talking about off-chain transactions. However once a month you can perform an update transaction, over the blockchain to all of your millions of users. The only thing you need to provide is their new balance, and make sure that the total amount of coins in Confidence-Coin system does not change, in other words, the users only made transactions between themselves.
The benefits of my invention are breathtaking!
You don’t need to work with banks anymore, Confidence-Coin is your bank!
I have pending patent protection over my invention, so there going to be no competition, no alternative cryptocurrency systems with a similar solution, it’s just you guys and me.
Please read a more technical spec about my invention in the link below:
And visit my site to learn more about the technology
Ilya Gazman

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