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How did Coco manage to break the one Gigabyte barrier block size, while Bitcoin(1 MB), Lightcoin(2 MB) and Bitcoin Cach(16 MB) barely handling few MB, not to talk about Ethereum wich average block size is only 30KB…

The pending patent Coco’s solution comes from its Royal Network. In order to become a peer in Coco’s network, one must solve a block. It makes the network size small and the speed very high.

Since it requires such a big effort to become a peer in the network, only Pools can actually compete on a spot, and Coco knows it! Therefore the hardware requirement from the peers is also nontrivial. The basic setup requires a dedicate cluster for networking rother then just a single machine.

In addition, Coco is using  UDT, UDP-based Data Transfer Protocol for block exchanges, it makes oversee networking feels like it comes from the backyard.

All those properties together make Coco’s network faster by far from any other cryptocurrency.

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