A new block chain technology that changes the rules of the game

Coco is a new pending patent blockchain technology that changes the very definition of speed in blockchains.

Coco ties the bridge between blockchain entrepreneurs and governments watchdogs looking to protect the community from fraudulent and/or illegal activities.

Choose your Coin

Blockchain writing speed


Hashing algorithm

Off-chain transactions


Developers foundation

Market cap

Best time to invest

ASIC resistant

Smart contracts

Automated smart contracts

Transaction expiration



1 MB in 10 min

Proof of work


Lighting network

Peer to peer

Donation, contribution & luck






1.2 MB in 10 min

Proof of work


Peer to peer

Donation, contribution & luck





1 GB in 10 min

Multi hash

Leadership organization



Coco features

  • Royal Network – An improvement to blockchain technology that makes it possible to have millions of transactions in a single block, it’s a thousand times more than Bitcoin block capacity.
  • Race of work – An improvement to Proof of work concept. In Race of work, there is no forks and block time has atomic accuracy.
  • Decentralized trusted party – A way of having microtransactions with no fees for costumes!
  • Automated smart-contracts – A more advanced smart-contracts technology then Etherume. With Coco smart-contracts you can have true subscriptions over the blockchain, crypto-checks(A transaction set to be executed in the future) and so much more.
  • Leadership organization – While other cryptocurrencies rely on donation and contribution to found the core development team, Coco has a leadership organization that is founded by Coco itself. 1% of each block reward will be sent toward this organization.

Let’s make Coco great again

Would you like to see Coco succeed, be the very first to lay your hands on this tech? Join the early contributors’ program and earn points for helping Coco to grow!

  • You can complete development tasks on Github. Open the Repo.
  • Write an article to tell the world about Coco
  • Design Cocos wallet app on Github. Open the Repo.
  • Or just make a donation and earn one point for each dollar. Donate now

Start now with 30 free points by subscribing for the mailing list. It will grant you access to the leaderboard so you can see how others are doing.

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