Confidence Coin

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Welcome to the revolutionary world of Confidence Coin, the cryptocurrency that is changing the game with its innovative approach to privacy and speed. Unlike other cryptocurrencies that prioritize anonymity, Confidence Coin believes that privacy can be achieved without sacrificing transparency and accountability.

One of the biggest problems with other cryptocurrencies is their reliance on anonymity to provide privacy. While anonymity may seem like a good way to keep your transactions private, it also opens the door to fraud and illegal activities. With Confidence Coin, we have found a new way to achieve privacy without anonymity through the use of Decentralized Trusted Parties (DTPs).

Any company can start its own DTP, and users must make transactions only via the DTP. The DTP aggregates all the transactions of its members and only reveals the final balances without revealing the origin, destination, and amount that was transacted. This gives people privacy while verifying their identity, allowing them to transact with confidence.

But that’s not all. Confidence Coin also boasts incredible speed, thanks to our use of the Flash consensus mechanism. With Flash, validators vote and submit new transactions simultaneously, making the system extremely parallel and efficient. Validators vote on all the blocks, commit transactions and create new blocks in one step. This mechanism makes Confidence Coin’s transaction speed into a unicorn 🦄.

And it goes even faster than that. The combination of DTP and Flash unlocks a new dimension of speed and efficiency, raising the bar for what is possible in the world of cryptocurrency and beyond. DTP aggregates its members’ transactions, allowing for the packing of over one million transactions in less than 12 MB. This makes networking and processing super efficient, further boosting our speed.

In short, Confidence Coin is the cryptocurrency of the future, offering privacy and speed that is unmatched by any other cryptocurrency on the market. Stay tuned for more updates on our development progress.